Pre-Employment Services

Professional Driver Assessment

Man signing a documentHiring competent and talented drivers is paramount in the transportation industry. Our Professional Driver Assessment™ test acts as an applicant screening tool for your HR department. 

The Professional Driver Assessment™ (PDA™) was developed specifically for the evaluation of commercially licensed heavy vehicle drivers, and has proven itself with tens of thousands of successful uses. The PDA™ can be administered in minutes from any internet connection. Segmented into seven (7) different elements, PDA™ combines traditional and behavioral assessments of parameters critical to safe, efficient, professional heavy-duty vehicle operation in a simple-to-administer evaluation.

Allow us to partner with your HR department, contact us today. See how the PDA™ can help reduce Unsafe behavior, turnover and high costs.

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ITL has saved monies

I would like to personally thank the NECS® staff and specifically Mr. Jerry Alles for the work that has been done for discovering ITL, Inc.'s fuel savings. As you are aware, ITL has saved monies in our fleet fuel consumption costs and we are beginning the fuel catalyst installations of the remainder of the fleet.

--Chuck Moore
Operations Manager
ITL, Inc.